Program Descriptions

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Respite Programs

Respites allow our volunteers and supporters to interact with those we serve through engaging and enriching activities such as: picnics, parties, athletic events, camp outs, shows, field trips, workshops and much more.

“In-Kind” Services

We collect a wide variety of items that are needed for those served by our organization. Items are collected from a variety of businesses, individuals and supporters. We collect just about everything and anything that would be found in an average home, to the inclusion of computers, clothes, shoes, linens, household items, furniture, appliances, toys, books, school supplies, hygiene items, paper goods and other items needed by the families, centers and shelters.

Medically Needy Programs

This program operates to the benefit of persons of all ages with special needs due to illness, injury or other physical / mental challenges. This program assists with trying to meet the needs of these individuals by obtaining supplies and equipment to their benefit. Special activities, events and programs are designed and geared towards the abilities of these populations, allowing them opportunities to participate all-inclusively and to develop to their fullest potential.

Kids and Seniors’ Program

This program is designed to involve the children/youth in interactive activities with senior citizens. All activities and events are held as multi-generational outreaches to the benefit of both the children and the seniors. Activities and events include a wide range of interactions that both the seniors and the children/youth are able to participate in side by side. 

Seniors In Action

This program is designed to give senior citizens an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the persons served by our organization. Senior volunteers make quilts, knit items, sew clothes, make Christmas stockings, bake cookies, share their special skills and much more. 

Special Projects

Throughout the year many special donations are received and projects/field trips are scheduled accordingly. Such donations include, but are not limited to things like: house paint, gardening supplies/plants, musical instruments, bicycles/safety helmets, fishing poles, holiday items, tickets to shows/attractions/events and much more.

Community Service Projects

We conduct a variety of community service projects, which give middle - high school aged children an opportunity to earn the community service hours they need for school and / or juvenile justice sentences. We also provide them with opportunities to earn the additional hours needed to qualify for college scholarships. Service projects are coordinated with our volunteers and are completed under the supervision of adult volunteers. 

Disaster Relief

We help with disaster relief efforts however needed; in the case of hurricanes, fire, flood and other events that effect the lives of our communities

Daily Living Programs

We conduct programs and activities designed to teach daily living skills. Programs and activities are conducted in group settings and they address a wide variety of subjects such as: shopping, cooking, finances/budgeting, job interviewing, cyber safety, problem solving, manners, laundry, housekeeping, home repairs, automobile maintenance, hygiene, dental care, medical care, make-up / hair, pet care, gardening, first aid, health/safety and more.

Classroom Education

We offer programs and visiting presentations designed to help supplement classroom learning experiences and we help supply the classrooms of low income, under served schools with needed items that the classes would otherwise go without.


Our literacy programs include book distributions to the benefit of children/youth who are underprivileged, or who have lost their belongs due to being placed in foster care, or due to homelessness, fire, or natural disaster. We also have literary programs designed to help promote reading and language skills for students functioning below grade level, persons trying to get their GED and for second language children/youth/adults. 

Library Programs

We collect and help supply books to underprivileged, low income libraries and offer event assistance in support of literacy growth within the library’s program development potential.

Health & Wellness

We conduct classes, distribute materials and organize activities that teach about subjects such as: nutrition, exercise, safety, child development, hygiene, drug abuse and more

Food Programs

We collect and help distribute food to persons in need, both for daily maintenance during hard times, and during disaster situations. We also have food drives and distribute food boxes to families in need during the holidays and during times when the children are out of school and not receiving their free breakfast/lunch at school.

Homeless Assistance

We collect and distribute items like: backpacks, can openers, hygiene products, blankets, shoes, hats, sunscreen and more…to persons who are homeless. 

Your finacial support, and all donated items, are tax deducable and greatly appreicated!!!